We love enjoying the outdoors and beach lifestyle in our idyllic little part of the world in McLaren Vale South Australia, along the Fleurieu Peninsula. It matches well with a passion for sharing locally grown produce over long lunches with friends and family, paired with a delicious glass of wine.

On a gorgeous day at the beach with friends we were talking about the constant juggle of our busy lives between work, family, school, hobbies and everything else in between, and trying to balance it all while eating healthy, getting exercise and making conscious choices. Finding balance to us meant not requiring taking extreme lifestyle measures or following extreme ideologies but rather aiming for small, ongoing, daily sensible decisions that would all add up to a positive result. This is how Balance Nation was born.

Accompanied by a few delicious glasses of wine, this soon became a part of the discussion. Why do we spend so much time and attention on exercise, food and our mental health but often not worry about what's actually in our glass? Also, living in such a pristine natural seaside agricultural environment, what can we do to help preserve this beautiful place as consumers and as a business? If there are different decisions that we can make to nurture our environments future, why wouldn't we make them, even if they seem small?  

As twenty-year veterans of the wine industry, we felt that it was time to create wine that showcased these ideals and concepts as well as our beautiful region. We have been working in organic wine for over a decade and already have a strong passion for organic farming and winemaking. Using grapes from Certified Organic Vineyards is better for us as consumers and better for the future of our environment. Future proofing is so important to the earth right now, more than it has ever been. Vegan friendly fining practices and a reduction in the sugar and carbs in our wines also allows us to be inclusive to everyone.

When you're drinking wine it's not just about the taste of what's in your glass.. it's about where that wine came from, what was or wasn't added to it, how that wine is packaged, and how it made its way to you. As conscious consumers we are all more mindful of how we purchase so many things in our lives. Why shouldn't wine be the same? We looked hard at our production process and materials and what other measures we could take to make this wine with a sustainable low impact on our carbon footprint. We've sourced environmentally friendly labels created from a recycled sugar cane waste. We use Lean & Green lightweight bottles, which are 28% less in weight and reduce our freight impact substantially. We also partner with carbon neutral shipping partners. Added to this our vineyards use recycled water to reduce fresh water impact.

Our journey has led us to the creation of Balance Nation, a range of Certified Organic, sustainable, low carbon footprint made wines that showcase a modern wine style of freshness and purity. Balance Nation was created for all of the modern conscious consumers who understand that making small changes and balanced decisions in our lifestyles can add up to big differences as a result.  

Better wine - Better for you - Better for the Environment.


Founder Penny Lamb

Penny Lamb lives on a vineyard on the Maslin Beach side of McLaren Vale and has been involved in the wine and food industry for 25+ years. She has had the pleasure of working with some of the top wine companies in Australia and also lived in the US for 14 years where she managed restaurants, and was the owner of a boutique wine and gourmet food store in Boston Massachusetts.

As a mother of two and a true believer in striving for a balanced lifestyle Penny is addicted to her daily beach walks on the surrounding Fleurieu Peninsula beaches and sneaks in a yoga class when her busy life allows. Being surrounded by the beautiful fresh, local produce of the region allows for easy access to healthy eating, and is supports a balanced approach to all aspects in life with work, children, activities and fun. Penny lives the Sea & Vines lifestyle to the fullest in a beautiful and breathtaking part of the world. It was only natural for her to combine her lifestyle passions with her wine passions to make a product line that was so true to her principles.